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Le ricette: The Renaissance at the Dinner Table
By Dr. Alessandro Giacomello

The desire for good food has always followed human activity. Whether accompanying the splendour of court nobility or the humility of the domestic hearth, among ostentation or poverty, the cuisine of the past is evidence of our existence and of our history. These antique traditions, which have evolved over the centuries, lie behind the success of Nico Marin copper pots. But even though we have revived the precious utensils that prepared this time-honoured cuisine, its characteristic flavours have often remained unknown. As a result, we have culled traces of Medieval and Renaissance cuisine that are often surprising, both for the variety of their components and the boldness of their combinations. Our collection of 27 Medieval and Renaissance recipes has been organised into 9 groups of 3 recipes each, with each group associated with one of the quality pots made by Nico Marin. With this collection, we wish to offer you an overview of an antique world that holds a great many surprises. Each recipe has been published in its original form, exactly as written by the four authors presented on the back of the folder, and is followed by a list of ingredients, a translation that will help you understand the text and a few historical notes that provide interesting information. And for those who wish to delve more deeply into the subject, there's a short bibliography on the inside. Although you'll find it interesting to try these recipes, don't forget that you may find it hard not only to determine the right amount of each component to add, but also to find certain ingredients (such as verjuice) and to carry out procedures that are no longer common (we recommend using your good old electrical appliances, even though this is not in step with the historic spirit of the collection). Finally, we must add that a love for cooking and cuisine must necessarily be the driving force behind your desire to experiment with unpredictable combinations and flavours, which can nonetheless satisfy refined pallets that are hungry for culture.

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